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You're not the only one having trouble paying for your Viibryd prescription. Thousands of patients are in your same shoes. Read on to learn about how our FREE program can help you.

Unite To Save

What if there was a way to leverage the buying power of thousands of patients just like you? Just think of how many people are uninsured, under-insured, have high deductibles, or are stuck in the medicare donut hole? What happens when all of these people band together to receive better pricing? RXfuse happens!

How It Works

You see, pharmacies want your business, even if you don't have insurance. Due to the size of our network, our pharmacy benefit manager has been able to negotiate discounts on not only Viibryd, but any FDA approved medication. On average, patients save about 50% on generic drugs, and 10% on brand name varieties. No, it's usually not as cheap as an insurance copay, because this isn't insurance. RXfuse is 100% free, and there are no income, age, or pre-existing requirements.

To get started, simply complete the form on your right. You'll be able to either print your free membership card, or have it sent via text message to your phone.

Pricing Estimates

Name Qty Avg Price Avg Savings
VIIBRYD TAB 20MG 30 $131.58 $17.28   (11% off)
VIIBRYD TAB 40MG 27 $119.36 $14.83   (11% off)
VIIBRYD TAB 40MG 30 $131.77 $20.27   (13% off)
VIIBRYD TAB 40MG 31 $137.33 $22.51   (14% off)

* Prices shown for Viibryd are an estimate based on average price paid by MedSaverCard members during the last 6 months. Prices and savings for Viibryd are based on the pharmacy's usual and customary pricing.